Three Major Signs of Narcissism

Having worked with thousands of people around the world, I have found that, irrespective of age, gender, race, religion, sexual preferences or who the narcissist is (such as spouse lover, family member, friend, colleague, boss) narcissism is narcissism and there are some very specific traits in people who suffer from narcissistic personality disorder.

Following are some of the traits of a narcissistic person:

Emotional insecurity 

Narcissists are hugely insecure and react on a hair trigger to things that fairly irrelevant and an average adult would usually not get upset about. Their over-sensitivity is extreme. They are very sensitive¬† when it comes to what they want or their image or reputation. When the narcissist erupts into the “narcissist rage” their reaction is to the perceived threat to their fragile narcissist ego and low self esteem.

Sense of entitlement

Narcissists most of the time feel cheated. They feel that they have been handed over a raw deal by life and that the gods and universe is unfair to them. They feels this way especially when they see people who are happy and content in their life or people who have a great social circle. They feel that its the job of that person to “fix them” and let them experience the happiness that the rest of the world (including this one person) is experiencing.

Lack of empathy

The narcissist experiences empathy only for themselves. They seldom comfort a crying person. You may get in to hours of explaining what is the cause of your pain and they fail to understand the same. If you talk to them about your problems or health issues they will typically claim to have bigger health issues!

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