Manage Stress

Stress is our body’s response to what our mind perceives threat or danger or a cause of worry. Stress helps our minds to protect us from any perceived harm. Our mind and body are not meant to be stressed for long. If this state of mind continues for a long time and increases in intensity it can cause many physical and mental disorders and sometimes is even a threat to life.

It is important to resolve any stressful situation at the right time to avoid any further damage to the body and mind. Through therapy and counseling your psychologist can show how any kind of stress can be reduced or efficiently dealt with:

1. Signs of stress
2. No sleep at night
3. Repetitive thoughts of the same issue.
4. Fearful thoughts
5. Sudden weight gain or loss
6. Continuous body/ neck/back pain
7. Irritable mood

But such is life. The reality is that eventually, we all have to move on. It is important that certain wounds heal as you move on. The memories of that person should be a source of joy and not a sharp pain in your heart.

We understand this phase and do everything in our capacity to reach out to you and help you release the pain. We do this because this is what your loved one would want you to do.

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