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Nikhila Deshpande

ICF Certified Life Coach
MS in Psychotherapy and Psychological Counseling
Positive Psychology from University of North Carolina
Relationship Counselor
Founder - Italktherapy

My early years as a relationship counselor took me deep into the world of the human mind. The study of human behavior and also its adaptation to the changing values, modes of communication and new technology has created a huge amount of stress in relationships. While relationships are the essence of our lives, communication is the base of all relationships.


Why iTalk Therapy

Manage Stress

Stress is our body’s response to what our mind perceives threat or danger or a cause of worry. Stress helps our mind to protect us  from any perceived harm.

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Release Anxiety

It is sometimes very important for some of us to be in control of certain situations or want the behavior of a certain person to change.

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Relationship Problems

Mumbai is a very fast and a busy city. Relationship problems are everywhere. Issues in marriage, live in relationships or even during the dating period are very common.

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Breakup / Divorce

There are times when the couple is sure about letting each other go. Such situations have to be dealt with delicately and lot of maturity and understanding is needed.

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Successful Stories

Very Happy with her counselling. I look forward to each session with her. It gives me so many insights and I am able to see everything in a different perspective. She is very helpful and listens to every problem patiently and works wonders with her solutions and therapy. I look forward to her amazing hypnotherapy sessions every week on week.. Luv u loads!! Keep amazing us all.. you are the best!!

Shikha Soni

Nikhila mam is the best.. !! Not only did I got a solution for all of my problems.. and I had quite a few… She helped me so patiently and was so supportive of my situation without judging me and helped me so much.. I am so lucky I have such a person who I can turn to for help for the rest of my life !!

Deepa Phadnis

Her counselling really works. She is the most non-judgmental person I have known. Her therapy was effective and agreeable. She makes it very easy for me to talk about things I would otherwise never talk about. I am a stronger person today and much more confident.


My career was not taking off the way I wanted it to. I was not satisfied with my job. After attending the sessions I got a clarity and direction regarding my career and life. I also got courage to start my own venture and I am very much happy today with what I am doing.


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